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Will You Carry the Torah?


Kevin and Amy Lefcoe with the Sefer Torah

Kevin and Amy Lefcoe with the Sefer Torah

“Will you carry the Torah?”


…our trip captain asked me. “What would be involved?” I wondered aloud, contemplating the gravity of transporting, guarding, and actually carrying a borrowed Sefer Torah in an army issue duffel through 4 South African countries over I 0 days.


The word of G-d, given to the Jewish People, and transmitted over the generations since Mount Sinai – in this very form, without change – it was there, with me, all the time.  I did not stop thinking about it, that Torah scroll, and its significance.


During this summer’s Safari adventure and exploration of the dazzling and remote of this world, the Torah lived in my hotel closet.  I was sure to close the door, so it would not be subjected to the physical and mundane of hotel events.   It also rested on a shelf above

my bed in another venue.  Always there, it seemed to ask for the better me. click here to read more

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